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“I think my painting style is as jagged and unpredictable as the path I’ve travelled.”


Carrie Campbell is a visual artist who works mainly in mixed media creating
pieces made of a variety of mediums such as acrylic, oils, inks and
watercolours. Raised in Queens New York, she studied, studio art for three
years before momentuous life events would eventually lead her to Toronto,
where she holds a diploma in art from SCI, a member of International Council
for Open Distance and Education (ICDE).
Her subject matter focuses mainly on the growth of women and families after
personal struggles such as domestic violence and mental health issues as well
as her personal favorite topics of culture and love. Using her work, she aims
to present her own feelings of tenderness, vulnerability, and underlying
In Brampton, Carrie is a life coach, and owner an itinerant art and wellness
workshop business. She has exhibited work at multiple shows at Beaux Arts
Brampton, and also has mixed media pieces on permanent public display at
the Family Life Resource Center as well as Hope 24/7, which are both local
women’s centers within her resident city. As part of a community
engagement initiative she is the lead instructor of a wellness and art program
known as Empowered Through Art, which promotes themes of positivity
among residents of the city while using art techniques to remind them of the
indelible impression art can have on any region.

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