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The Outlet by Carrie

Contemporary Human


The Story

Who I Am

An Artist's Bio

“At times, my painting style is as jagged and unpredictable as the path I’ve travelled.”


Carrie Campbell is a Feminist and Contemporary Visual Artist based in Ontario Canada. 


Using her art, she aims to present her own feelings and experiences of tenderness, vulnerability, and underlying resilience. Through themes ranging from struggles such as domestic violence and mental health issues, to depictions of her own personal favourite topics; family, culture and love, Carrie strives to accentuate the importance of using art to highlight some of societies prevalent issues. As many of her visual stories focus on varying subjects often interwoven in some way with the growth of women, families, and other marginalized people, Carrie’s own messages and remnants of a tumultuous, yet meaningful past reinforce her artistic process with each painting.

Raised in Queens New York, highly influenced by urban art and various cultures, she was recruited at age 15 to study in a regional studio art program for three years, before momentous life -changing events eventually led her to South Florida, and then to Toronto. 


Carrie holds a diploma with honours in art from the International Council for Open Distance and Education and has also in Art Fundamentals at Sheridan College, in Oakville ON.  She has exhibited work at multiple gallery exhibits, public events and exhibitions, and juried displays of contemporary art.

As an artist and intersectional feminist, Carrie has been a participating artist in numerous social advocacy events, including a public vigil held by the City of Brampton in 2019, in response to an act of femicide committed in the region. 

A life coach, and owner of art and wellness workshop business, she has been the lead instructor and pioneer of multiple wellness-through-art programs such as Empowered Through Art, held at a local artist-run gallery, Inspire, facilitated through a Brampton based community outreach centre, and Mindful Expressions, an art program for seniors.

Her work is part of numerous community engagement initiatives, endeavouring to promote themes of positivity among residents of the city while using art techniques to remind them of the indelible impression art can have on any region. 


Carrie has created mixed media pieces on permanent public display within the Family Life Resource Center and Hope 24/7, which are both local women’s centers within the Region of Peel. She has received awards for her artwork, as well as volunteer efforts with local grassroots community outreach organizations serving marginalized populations. She lives and works in Brampton Ontario as a Community Engagement Facilitator at The Journey Neighbourhood Centre, a Prevention and Outreach Worker at Hope 24/7, an owner of an art business, member of a local artist collective, and mother. 

An aspiring social activist, advocate, and awareness raising artist, Carrie remains dedicated to characterizing her roots in her work, and to never forgetting her most powerful title, which is surely, “Survivor”.

The Steps...

"Great things are done by a series of small things put together" ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Where I've Been

An Artist's Journey

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Seeing through the artist block, scatter brain, and paint splatter


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What Ive done

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Displays, art events, and artistic accomplishments by Carrie



Brampton Ontario

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